Marketing to Women: The Six Things You Need to Know

Today’s women have emerged as the primary consumers in the U.S. today, making over 85 percent of all consumer purchase decisions, and controlling nearly $7 trillion in consumer and business spending. Yet many marketers continue to recognize this group as a niche market, rather than who they really are: the primary drivers and influencers of most purchase decisions.

The following tips are designed to help marketers and brands build lasting relationships with these key consumers:

1. Don’t engage in one-way dialogue. Many brand campaigns aimed at engaging women fail because they’re delivering one-way messages by talking “at” women, instead of “with” women. Marketers who successfully engage women will do so because they provide information that is both useful and interesting, and that provides the ability for women to engage not only with the brand, but also with each other.

2. Remember that pink is not a marketing strategy. Today’s women are not looking for a watered-down version of a male offering that has been feminized with clicked colors. Instead, they’re looking for solid information, ease of use, stellar customer service, and brands that are looking to build real relationships with them based on their interests, personal identities and problems that they need to solve.

Instead of relying on outdated assumptions and stereotypes, marketers must do the hard work to be relevant to women consumers – taking the time to learn what motivates them to order to present their brands in a meaningful way. A woman’s b.s. meter is always on – she knows when she’s being addressed in an authentic way…and when she’s not.

3. Recognize that women think differently than men. All human brains start as female brains, until the male brain is flooded with testosterone. But there they part paths. A woman’s brain has four times as many connections between the left and right hemispheres as a man’s. All of those signals hurtle down the superhighway into her right brain – the home of emotional memory, intuition and experience. A woman not only reads – she attaches feelings to what she’s reading. A woman’s heart is in her brain – tell her a story that is filled with emotion, and explain why your brand is relevant to her.

4. Don’t segment women strictly by age. Whether a woman is 28, 39, or 52, she’ll respond more to marketing messages that address her life stage, not her biological age. Unlike previous generations, today’s women are experiencing life in a less linear fashion; women are having babies in their 40s, starting new careers in their 50s, and re-entering the dating scene in their 60s. Marketers need to clearly understand the differentiation in marketing to the different life stages of women, and tailor their messages accordingly.

5. Don’t ignore the time women spend online and influencing their networks. Women spend a tremendous amount of time online visiting company Web sites, posting to discussion boards, reading blogs and influencing peer groups. Marketers have the opportunity to engage them online in a very interactive way, and then carry that relationship offline to build lasting engagement.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of the women’s boomer market. Coast to coast, marketers are waking to the sheer numbers of this market segment, and the purchasing power that lies therein. Every fifth adult in the U.S. today is a female over 50. They have established careers and money to spend on themselves, as well as the ability to influence the majority of their households’ purchasing decisions. In addition, boomer women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade. These women think, live and behave in a manner different than the generation before them, and they are reinventing and rediscovering life on their own terms.

The Best Places to Meet Women for Casual Sex – Great Tips for Guys NOT Looking for Relationships

Lots of men assume that to meet women, you have to put a huge effort into romancing the ladies. For some women this is true. But the great news for guys who are not looking for relationships and just want casual sex with women is this: many women think just like you do.

Maybe it has something to do with the increased sexualization of western society, but modern women are more assertive about expressing their sexuality, and are happy to stand up and say “I like sex, I want sex, and I am going to get sex!” Not that many years ago, a woman who said anything remotely as open as that would have been branded a slut and a whore. The fact is, they would have been too scared to voice their desires about sex. But today it’s much different – and better!

But where exactly does a man find a woman who is interested in nothing but sex with a man and does not want to settle down into the long-term commitment deal? The first and most obvious place is somewhere that alcohol is sold and consumed. Women are much more likely to be open about their sexual wants and desires once they are socially lubricated, as it were, by a couple of drinks. But there are many such venues, and some of them stand out as better locations for picking up women interested in casual sex than others. In no particular order, here are three of the best (and ones you might not have thought of):

Football Games

Women who like to watch men running around playing sports – especially those who do this while drinking a beer or two – are great candidates for picking up and taking home. Women sports fans are traditionally more promiscuous than those who sit at home knitting and ironing.

Horse Racing Track

Women who like to combine sports, drinking and gambling are great targets for guys looking for some casual sex. It often pays to take some male friends to the race track with you, as these sexually active ladies often hang around in packs. Your buddies might get lucky with you!

Car Racing

Women into car racing and motor sports in general are eager and keen to indulge in some guilt free sexual fun with guys they meet at the track. There is something about the power, the noise and the high-octane energy of a motor racing event that gets many girls hot under the collar and eager to be whisked away for a different kind of tune up and servicing!

But even better than all of these outdoor events, there is one place that is absolutely teeming with sexually adventurous and eager women waiting to meet men for casual, no-strings attached sexual fun. And where is that magical place?

The Internet

You can save yourself a lot of time, energy and money by simply looking for women online. And if you only want casual sex from ladies on the ‘net, then all you have to do is be up front about it and say so. None of these women is going to think you are some kind of weirdo because you are open and honest about what you want and expect from women in terms of sex. In fact, the women who are also just looking for sex online will respect you for such honesty. And, by being specific about the qualities, behaviors and other attributes you are seeking in a women, you are almost guaranteed to meet a girl that satisfies your requirements.

By taking the time and browsing the girls’ online dating profiles, you will be astonished at how blunt some women can be in terms of expressing their sexuality. If you target these girls in particular, you will be the one having to decide which ones to reject, rather than you being knocked back by approaching women who, although physically attractive, do not match up with you in any way.

Asian Women Compose a Powerful Market

Our world has changed in many ways. This is clearly understood when one considers the rising phenomena of Asian women in the markets of the world. A basic element to keep in mind is that Asian women are an important part of the “melting pot” of ethnic groups. Each group in the pot definitely has its own cultural heritage which is guarded jealously. However, when a large segment of the world today thinks about what exactly defines the modern woman, it is interesting to wonder what is commonly imagined? When marketers think of this same question, how should they act in order to attract this very sophisticated and well-educated customer to retain her loyalty?

First, it is true that Asian women are more empowered than ever before in history. These women live in the most rapidly growing consumer market in the world today. In fact, the distribution of wealth in Asian nations is very unique. China, Japan, and India’s GDP places them in the top five richest economies of the world. However, in nations like Pakistan or Afghanistan there exists extreme poverty, civil unrest, and shockingly high infant mortality rates. Therefore, this obvious discrepancy in consumer power influences these women’s choices in the area of purchasing. It all depends upon which end of the social and national spectrum she comes from.

Despite the huge discrepancy just noted, Asian women in general continue to enjoy more empowerment in the global marketplace today than what was ever once thought possible. The women of Asia also work in more fair economic environments than many of their western counterparts. It may be a surprise, but the gap between women’s income and men’s is closing more swiftly in Asia than it is in the West. There is an old Chinese proverb which says: “Women hold up half the sky.” It should still be understood that many women desire to fulfill their traditional role in the home as wives and mothers. This is not necessarily something that these women are giving up per se. Even so, Asian women continue to enjoy more disposable income than ever before. Some statistics indicate that they spend seven times the amount of money each year than Asian men.

The shopping behavior of these women appears to be slightly different from her Western “sister” as well. Shopping is a social activity for many, and the goal is not necessarily to make a purchase. Group shopping is one of the Asian woman’s primary hobbies. More than twenty percent of women go shopping every weekend without the expectation of a purchase. The women of Asia are also avid readers of product information on product labels. There is a degree of inherent cynicism about traditional advertising methods. So these women tend to research their purchases very thoroughly.

These thrifty women are spending even more time online. Fifty three percent of her media consumption takes place over the internet. The Asian woman outnumbers North American women more than two-to-one when it comes to time spent online. She spends about twenty four hours a month in this activity alone. Asian women, like most women around the world, are very busy people. She has much less spare time these days for her favorite activity- namely, shopping! She must balance her time carefully between the mall and the hours over the internet. These women are spending more money on herself, in addition to more family focused purchases, than ever before. As she assumes control of the household budget, her purchases include more consumer electronics, travel, and banking items. On top of everything else, this kind of woman places more attention on her beauty routine than even the Western woman. So, in addition to Asian women being some of the most educated and intelligent people in the world, beauty remains a very important asset to her personal profile.

The Asian woman has embraced a lofty role in her family, her society, and the global market of the twenty first century. There is much which is demanded of her by her loved ones, and perhaps even more from herself! The woman of Asia is the most essential component in any enterprise involving the Eastern style household. She has come a long way in a short space of time… and she deserves respect!